Are preschool children subject to regular ticket fee?

Admission is free for children under the age of 3. Please have them seated on the lap of their companion. For children who need seats, we kindly ask you to purchase tickets as is under normal condition. (No strollers allowed inside the Stadium)

Can tickets be cancelled after purchase?

Tickets after purchase may not be cancelled and are not subject to refunds.

How is the atmosphere of the site like?

TOKYO JAZZ 2005 will be of a festival type to be enjoyed in a relaxed manner indoors. You are free to purchase food and beverage any time even during performance, and are allowed to eat and drink at your seat. We aim to create the atmosphere of a large jazz lounge.

Are outside food & beverage including alcohol allowed in the site?

No outside food & beverage, as well as coolers are allowed to be brought into the site. Food, soft drink, and alcohol beverage sales will be available within the site on both days of performance.

How long is the interval between daytime and evening performance?

Daytime performance is scheduled to end approximately at 17:00, and for evening performance the door will open at 18:30. There will be approximately 1.5 hours of interval in between the two performances.

We ask all visitors to leave the site after the completion of daytime performance (including those with whole-day ticket) and enter evening performance anew at its opening hour.

[Other Notices]
*Guest performers and program schedule (content and duration) may be subject to change.
*No audio or video recording of the performance as well as shooting photos by camera/camera phones will be permitted. Inside the site.
*Whole-day ticket is valid for one person only. Whole-day ticket may not be shared with numerous persons.
*There are a few public parking spaces near the site, however, we advise you to use public transportation due to its number being limited.

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