the HALL 8/31(Sat) daytime
OPEN 11:30 / START 12:30
Meshell Ndegeocello

Meshell Ndegeocello

12:30~ ミシェル・ンデゲオチェロ

Ndegeocello, whose name means “free like a bird” in Swahili, was born in former West Germany and mainly performs as a solo bassist in the U.S.
In 1994, she appeared on Madonna’s album “Bedtime Stories” and was chosen as the first female “Bassist of the Year” by Bass Player Magazine. She is known to have sessions with the likes of Herbie Hancock and Pat Metheny. Come and witness Ndegeocello’s eclectic style that draws from funk, R&B, Jazz, and rock that has earned her accolades such as a Grammy nomination for her 2018 cover album “Ventriloquism”.

 スワヒリ語で「鳥のように自由」という意味の「ンデゲオチェロ」という名を持ち、旧西ドイツ出身でアメリカを中心に活動する孤高のベーシスト。1994年にはマドンナのアルバムに参加しベース・プレイヤー誌の選ぶ「ベーシスト・オブ・ザ・イヤー」に女性として初めて選出。ハービー・ハンコック、パット・メセニーらとのセッションでも知られ、 2018年発表のカバーアルバム『Ventriloquism』はグラミー賞にノミネートされるなど、ファンク・R&B・ジャズ・ロックなどジャンルを超越した活動を続ける彼女のパフォーマンスを目撃してください!

Meshell Ndegeocello(b,vo)


Chris Bruce (g)


Abe Rounds (ds,vo)


Jebin Bruni (key, vo)


Set List

  1. 1. Suzanne
  2. 2. Wasted Time
  3. 3. Rapid Fire
  4. 4. Vitamin C
  5. 5. Forget My Name
  6. 6. Shopping For Jazz
  7. 7. GRACE
  8. 8. Waterfalls
  9. 9. Trouble
  10. 10. Never Still Water
  11. 11. Atomic Dog
  12. 12. Good Day Bad


the HALL 8/31(Sat) daytime
OPEN 11:30 / START 12:30
MISIA × Takuya Kuroda

MISIA × Takuya Kuroda

14:10~ MISIA × 黒田卓也

Since her debut in 1998, MISIA has captivated audiences both inside and outside Japan with her powerful voice and infectious groove, and this year will be her first show at TOKYO JAZZ! In 2016, she began working on JAZZ SESSION with New York based trumpeter Kuroda Takuya. Her live performance in 2018 at Blue Note Tokyo was broadcast in 8K with 22.2 multichannel sound system, garnering much attention and creating new fans. TOKYO JAZZ brings you the transformative soulful singing voice of MISIA and the polished performance of the Takuya Kuroda's music at unparalleled quality.


Corey King(tb)


Craig Hill(ts)


Rashaan Carter(b)


Tomo Kanno(ds)


Set List

  1. 1. ABC
  2. 2. 来るぞスリリング
  3. 3. めくばせのブルース
  4. 4. 変わりゆく この街で
  5. 5. 真夜中のHIDE-AND-SEEK
  6. 6. LADY FUNKY
  8. 8. オルフェンズの涙
  9. 9. 陽のあたる場所
  10. 10. つつみ込むように・・・
  11. 11. アイノカタチ